zondag 6 oktober 2019

Doomed & Stoned in England – The Lost Tribes

Following up on the monstrous collection that was Doomed and Stoned in England, the Hive’s very own Reek of STOOM graces us with yet more English heavy with Doomed and Stoned in England: The Lost Tribes, out October 1st! He’s dug up even more excellent music from the edges of the underground, and this latest Doomed and Stoned comp spans the country, from the shores of Brighton to Liverpool, and across the Irish Sea to Banbridge. Including exclusive music from LITMUS and new releases from Cold in Berlin, Gévaudan, Under, and Gryflet, across 40 killer bands Reek maps a journey that flows through our favorite sounds, ebbing between intensities and genres. GURT kick things off with a bang as only they can, followed by more doom and gloom that morphs to the stoner rock of Orphan Gears and Trevor’s Head, before settling into the trippy space vibes of Earthling Society and LITMUS. While still keeping it weird, Under ratchets up the intensity, and the sludge onslaught continues through Voidlurker. Pulling back on the throttle but darkening the mood, Hundred Year Old Man ushers in some epic doom with Gevaudan and The Hyenda Kill, building up to the absolutely crushing sludge of A Horse Called War and Drore. Respite comes in the psychedelic grooves of Gryflet and The Green Ray, however, before a fittingly grand end to it all in the form of two long cuts. At almost 19 minutes, DOEM’s “The Nail” is the definition of low and slow, a sledgehammer that makes the sprawling psyched-out payoff of Stubb’s “Burning Moon” that much sweeter of an end to the journey. The newest Doomed and Stoned reaches across the extremes of England’s underground, and you’re lying if you don’t come away with at least a handful of new favorites.

(Written by Kyle)

(A map, guiding you across the isle to all The Lost Tribes locations...)

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