donderdag 23 mei 2019

The Astral Void – Mandragora

The Astral Void – Mandragora
Self-released – 2019
Doom, Stoner, Ambient, Psych
Rated: ****

The ever-expanding list of quality Artists from Virginia has just been joined by Richmond 5-piece The Astral Void. Mandragora takes us through a cornucopia of Doom, Stoner, Electronica and general Far-Outness that will leave you in utter despair... But craving it! Side A wields 3 spine-melting pools of  festering, nefarious Doom delivered with vigour and intent, whilst vocalist Gabrielle's laments sprinkle liberal doses of mandrake over the flesh. However, these are separate entities and effectively prepare you for the B Side: A cold, crippled capsule nine clicks from the nearest jump-gate.....alone in the ink of the life - sparse void. Engines dead, bulkheads creaking, LifeSup runs out in an contemplate the utter hopeless Truth: There is NO rescue… And the Darkness yaws with the ultimate Horror of knowing you'll never return... An impeccable EP that puts The Astral Void firmly in the firmament of New-Born Stars.

(Written by Reek of STOOM)

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