zaterdag 18 mei 2019

Stone Machine Electric – Darkness Dimensions Disillusion

Stone Machine Electric – Darkness Dimensions Disillusion
Sludgelord Records – 2019
Rock, Metal, Doom, Psych, Stoner, Jazz, Space
Rated: ****

It never stops to amaze me how freaking good a duo can sound. And the two of Stone Machine Electric and their very own style of Doom Jazz deliver the goods every time again. On their new release Darkness Dimensions Disillusion they bring forth their Doom Jazz in a highly funky way. It’s brings light and air to the spacious darkness and depth to their metallic rock sound. It also keeps you on the edge of your seat and biting your nails; scared that their weird approach to doom will turn into some freak out craziness that will only serve the experimenters themselves. But it never does, it just becomes this audio orgasm on the verge of blowing its load. But stamina and control brings out the effortless delay until that very final track. For it is in Purgatory that we find release; aided by extra guitar work of Wo Fat’s Kent Stump the track begins with slow control and a lovely keyboard ditty and then seems set on delivering the goods fast and easy; after which it turns into a majestic maelstrom of weirdness before really and actually going berserk and exploding… Leaving us once again with a highly atmospheric keyboard jangle as a soft smoking cigarette… Aaaah, satisfaction guaranteed…

(Written by JK)

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