maandag 4 februari 2019

Dreckneck – Dirty Habits (Rule Us All)

Dreckneck – Dirty Habits (Rule Us All)
Self released – 2018
Rock, Stoner, Hard, Blues
Rated: ****

We enjoyed the hell out of their first self-titled release back in 2017 but never got around to mentioning those crazy Dutch stoner fiends named Dreckneck! Well, let’s remedy that dubious neglect by spinning their new album Dirty Habits (Rule Us All) until we are Dreckneck insane! The Dutch trio firmly roots their sound in the heavy blues rock but without ever turning it into blues. Indeed, this is blazing hot stoner trucking and a big fuzzy riff explosion. No less than eleven meaty, heavy stoner tracks that grind up against metal here and there. Just listen to opener Route 69 and pound along with that chugging rhythm! And that’s what’s often taken the cake here, this wild almost animalistic pounding. You Can Have It All for instance, that ancient sounding thrashing, ye gods, you would want it go on forever! And then for a moment, seeing the song title, I imagined Dreckneck doing a cover of the Motherfucker Jones track by another Dutch band called Voltage. But this is a totally different animal! This Motherfucker Jones truly sounds bad to the bone! Bad to the bone, just like the rest of Dirty Habits!

(Written by JK)

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