vrijdag 7 december 2018

Pocket Size – Immortality

Pocket Size – Immortality
Mill Hill Productions – 2018
Rock, Prog, Jazz, Instrumental
Rated: ****

Pocket Size Sthlm or simply Pocket Size is the brainchild of composer/guitarist Peter Pedersen. This conceptual musical unit was brought into daylight early 2010. There were some ideas and fragments of songs floating around in the pool of creativity. They were developed together with others. So, two years ago we had Vemood, the first edition of the Cleaning The Mirror series by Swedish jazzy prog outfit Pocket Size. And now they’re back with a second installment (to a trilogy) named Immortality. It feels even more jazzy and exhumes a lot of sixties vibes. It puts the saxophone in a majestic spotlight and Kristian Brink knows how to move around in that diamond shaped glare. Just listen to the Cyclopes And Pine Trees track and feel his whirling dervish dance. The entire album feels like a cool, calm and collected labor of love. And less a laborious birth. Even though it might come across here or there as an extremely complicated tangle of lines it sounds highly natural and vibrates with intensity. You’re in the boiler room now. And it is steamy hot!

(Written by JK)

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