vrijdag 10 augustus 2018

Wood Chickens – Must Die

Wood Chickens – Must Die
Crush Grove Records – 2018
Punk, Noise, Speed
Rated: ***

There are records where you prepare for. And some that all the preparation in the world could not prepare you for. And then there are a few where any form of preparation is completely useless. The four-track Must Die EP by Wood Chickens falls in the latter category, or perhaps has even devised it’s very own one. It comes on cassette. And once the plastic is removed and the green ooze looking carton is removed you put in the tape. Prepared for unholy ruckus and loud noises, cause that’s what tapes are usually used for nowadays. Opened up a beer, pressed play and then before you take your second sip… it’s over! What the fuck!? The four tracks on this EP only last three and a half minutes! I love punk. I love skate punk. I love noise. I love speedy noise. I love the aesthetics of something short and sweet and I love weirdness. And Wood Chickens has it all, but so little of it! So, the only true thing I can convey about Wood Chickens’s Must Die EP is that I wish there was more!

(Written by JK)

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