donderdag 9 augustus 2018

La Chinga - Beyond The Sky

La Chinga – Beyond The Sky
Small Stone – 2018
Rock, Hard, Seventies, Blues, Boogie
Rated: ****

We’ve been loving their Zeppelin sound since we first heard their self-titled debut record La Chinga back in 2013. And the Freewheelin’ album that followed three years later made our head explode and became a soundtrack to many a car ride towards the endless horizon. And now the Canadian trio is back with more and it is more of that sweet seventies lovin goodness! Beyond The Sky is what the new La Chinga album is called, and it continues down that majestic road they started on already quite a few years ago. This time however their seventies hardrock sound seems to slow down a notch. They make the groove go down, down and laidback and the underlying blues current flowing slower. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still rockin and knockin and straight up boogie. But the dances won’t be that wild, but more sensual and lovin. This one is meant for those sweaty and steamy summer nights, the ones you never want to end. Just like this mad hot summer we’ve been having and this crackin new album called Beyond The Sky

(Written by JK)

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