donderdag 19 juli 2018

Mr. Overdrive – A Fox, A Rabbit

Mr. Overdrive – A Fox, A Rabbit
Puree Productions – 2018
Rock, Alternative, Electronic
Rated: ***

Well, this is different! Very different. Different, but tasty! Mr. Overdrive, a three-piece alternative rock band from the Netherlands that does not shy away from danceable rhythms and electronic grooves just released their debut EP called A Fox, A Rabbit. It’s a hop, skip and a jump, smash and dance, head bang and bounce kind of a deal! This might be due to the fact that the bass functions as guitar and the synth as bass! Five tracks that move all over the place but still retain that one infallible goal: to move your body and groove your soul! They name, among others, De Staat and Soulwax as influences for their sound. And rightfully so, Mr. Overdrive, headstrong and ready to go! Go check out A Fox, A Rabbit and hear what Mr. Overdrive is all about!

(Written by JK)

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