donderdag 3 mei 2018

The Doom Chart For April 2018

Doom Chart

"It was all about filling the void inside of us and the void that was the desert around us. We played heavy rock musik to fill that void inside of us. Inside our hearts."
 -John Garcia

The void is always present. And a void needs to be filled. That is the law of nature. And as John Garcia, Brant Bjork, Nick Olivieri and Joshua Homme filled the void in their life by creating music in the early 90’s the contributors of the Doom Charts fill their life today with music that is made of the same force of that same universe that the boys of Kyuss used. There is a great power in music. It is driven by electricity that feeds the amplifiers and speakers that harness the power of the riff and sends it right into that void that exists inside all of us.

This is the Doom Charts. A chart made by the people (bloggers, music journalists, podcasters and others) that listen to an enormous amount of new music from the heavy underground every day of the year. And every month the contributers to the Doom Charts reports up to 25 albums that has made an impression on them. When the vote is counted and the magic of mathematics has done it’s thing you get the Doom Charts delivered right here. And hopefully you will discover something new here that will fill some part of that void that you might have inside of you.

~Magnus Tannergren (Into The Void Radio)

Right on! Magnus is right on the money there and we cannot stress enough that we love heavy music and we do this all for that love. And sure, there was one album that dominated all the sent in lists, which ofcourse is self-explanatory. But there were so many more... So check out the Doom Charts and find out which 24 made the final list thanks to all the votes cast by the contributors! And most importanly, enjoy the hell out of each and every one of those albums!

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