vrijdag 25 mei 2018

Phi – Cycles

Phi – Cycles
Gentle Art of Music / Panta R&E – 2018
Rock, Prog, Symphonic, Metal
Rated: ****

The Dutch trio Phe will be playing a live gig on Sunday 26th of May at Muziekcafe in Helmond, Netherlands. But that’s not what we are listening to and not writing about right now. Right now, we are digging the hell out of the album Cycles by Austrian foursome Phi. Phe, Phi, Pho, Phum! (Sorry.)  The four have been active for over ten years and even though there have been some line-up changes the sound has continued to evolve and turn into a majestic outburst of progressive rock with grand gestures and a stadium large presence. The album seems to expertly float between conventional prog, neo-prog and a more symphonic side. But what they excel at, is coloring their instrumental pieces with song parts that are driven by catchy vocal melodies. Another definite aspect of Phi is the way they manage to never drift too much towards the dark side. Sure, we are hearing tales of Dystopia and Blackened Rivers, but there always seems to be a glimmer of hope. For everything comes in Cycles, right? Shit, the music is there, the technical prowess is awesome and the modern mix makes this an album that shall be adored by all prog rock and prog metal fans around. And for everyone else, check it out, for it will surely wet your whistle for something proggy and grandiose!

(Written by JK)

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