woensdag 23 mei 2018

Graveyard – Peace

Graveyard – Peace
Nuclear Blast – 2018
Rock, Hard, Seventies, Blues
Rated: ****

Do you remember where you were? When the earth shook around you? When the walls came crashing down? When life as we know it, seemed to have lost all meaning? Yes, do you know where you were when Graveyard said they were calling it quits? September seems to be one of those months that evokes bad energy and worse weather. Well, it was also the month Graveyard said they would stop their majestic and soulful ride. Luckily, they announced their come back only a few months later! Pfew! Now, all was right in the world again. Well, almost right. We had to hear what new drummer Oskar Bergenheim, who we already knew from the Truls Mörck album and Den Stora Vilan, but also played for Slowgold and Togus Band, would bring to the Graveyard sound. Well, rest assured, they are back! And with knives in their teeth! We can state that all the Graveyard records are wild and wonderful, but that some of the sharp edge and danger slowly dissipated the during the course of their albums. It’s back now. On Peace, they sound much more chased, hunted and on the run. They sound like they have something to prove again. Gritty, bluesy, grungy hard rock and with that ever-prevalent love for the seventies that Graveyard always displayed. Does Oskar Bergenheim change the sound? No, he sounds like the perfect replacement for Axel Sjöberg, he continues the wildness we love and injects it with a new razor-sharp edge! Graveyard is back!

(Written by JK)

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