vrijdag 4 mei 2018

DeWolff – Thrust

DeWolff – Thrust
Mascot – 2018
Rock, Blues, Psych, Southern
Rated: *****

As ya’ll know, we’ve been in love with everything DeWolff does since they started putting out music. Well, almost. We did not dig their former one called Roux-Ga-Roux as much as all the other albums. But they are back now and better than ever! Sexy, sixties, seventies, seducing and southern! These are the real super sounds! The new record is called Thrust and gives us everything we always loved from DeWolff; and they continue that trek towards the great musical past that they seemed to have started on with the Grand Southern Electric album. Ever more Allman Brothers, ever more Zeppelin and ever more pure gold. It’s their seventh studio album and the boys have produced a grand classic if ever there was one. Describing small personal moments just as easily as commenting on the big evils in the world. And just hear that luscious Hammond wailing away and ofcourse the magnificent guitar work by Pablo himself. Yes, we go overboard on superlatives again, and we do not apologize for that, cause Thrust is magnificent!

(Written by JK)

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