dinsdag 13 maart 2018

The Three of Tuesday

The Three of Tuesday

Yes. I know. We depicted a tree for this Three of Tuesday post. But Stoner HiVe likes to rustle the feathers and mix things up. And for the Three of Tuesday posts we shall occasionally do, we will try something different, whenever the occasion arises. The releases featured here, for instance, with a small amounts of words, will have something in common. Whatever that may be. For this first edition of the Three of Tuesday, we post three releases that are PR’d by Domino Media Agency. They have a knack for finding alternative releases with a high pop sensible or catchy aspect to them. And then there are those few they promote that have none of that and will only be loved by the crazies, the addicts and the absolute music fiends. You decide to which of those groups the three featured below belong… So here they are… The first… Three of Tuesday

Black Strike – Black Strike

Born on the ashes from different bands, Black Strike reunites five musicians with common influences. After multiple experiences on stage together or apart, these five buddies found their own musical touch and are now playing a powerful and tough mix between alternative-rock, stoner/grunge and nu-metal. Don't be afraid. Give their 2015 EP a whirl. O' and in 2017, the band got back in studio to record a new EP which will see the light somewhere in spring 2018. And the first single and video Tiger is out now… Check it out!

heklAa – 1491

About three years after Pieces Of You (2015), heklAa, the piano-driven solo project run by French musician/composer Sébastien Touranton, just officially released a new and self-produced full-length effort called 1491. This new album - its eigth recording since the inception of the project in 2010, launched by its mastermind after an unforgettable trip to breathtaking Iceland – whirls around and between nu-classical, post-rock like GY!BE, Sigur Ros or Do Make Say Think, jazz and movies-music (and composers as Danny Elfman or Howard Shore). Highly atmospheric!

Lumberjacks – Alone?

Lumberjacks started in December 2013 around Lolo (Bass), Hos (Drums) and Ben (Guitars). A few weeks later, the project had a voice with the arrival of ArNo (Vocals). The lumberjacks cabin was full! Less than a year later, the EP with seven tracks “A moment to Balance” saw the light. On January 2015, after dozen of shows, Ben left the band for personal reasons. The group quickly found a successor with Rémi before to hit the road again to play some gigs with bands such as Bukowski…Their sound definitely anchored in the heavy 70’s Black Sabbath style, Stoner Rock and other modern streams, Lumberjacks played with Electric Mary and around the year 2016 began the work on its first full length album. And on their bandcamp site we can listen to This Tiny Engine and Mystery Light. Two tracks of the upcoming album Alone? Hardrock. Metal. With seventies and stoner touches. Check it out!

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