maandag 12 maart 2018

Stoner HiVe’s Top 5 artists listened to last week…

Stoner HiVe’s
Top 5 artists listened to last week…

Swamped with work and appointments. So, here’s  me trying to do a very vast and quick update on what we listened to last week. Which will surely get out of hand again, as all of the five records are amazing! Most of our time went out to Dandy Brown and his majestic new album Scattered Days. Out soon on Taxi Driver Records the maestro we know from Hermano and the awesome Orquesta Del Desierto, (the last, of which Dos was remastered and re-released last year via Spin On Black), gives us nine tracks that meander through many heavy scenes and all have a marvelous lingering aftertaste. It will put you in a righteous mood! Birth Of Joy, our Dutch psychedelic pride, give us Hyper Focus; a fast paced psychedelic rock album that is more, errr, focused than the albums that came before. Out on Glitterhouse the album moves definitely into a classic direction with some jazzy moments, stoner outbursts and even a little punk. Yes, all new Birth of Joy with Hyper Focus on the sixties and seventies era! Hawkdope, Stellar Prophecy and all that came before; incredible records by Italian psychedelic fuzz crazies Black Rainbows. The new album Pandaemonium, out on Heavy Psych Sounds, will rank among the best of them! What a ride once again! Out in a week or two it will surely rank high among all the HiVe freaks! We still spin Atman from The Good Hand regularly and their band shirt is one of the most worn black band shirts in my possession. Their superdeluxe limited diehard fan release via Minstrel Music is majestic and definitely one of my favorite vinyl treasures. Let’s hope they do something similar with the new record Blissful Yearning. Cause the album is once again impressive and bordering on perfection. A pure ballistically delivered record which immediately feels like a true blow against the empire, a hammer of the gods, that will live on in rock, forever. Yes. We know. We love The Good Hand… And perhaps a bit too much. And how about that Till Marijannah album by Marijannah? Their four-track debut is whirling around the world, entering the Doom Charts on Number 21 and enchanting listeners everywhere. The vinyl is out on Pink Tank Records and gives us incredibly tasty and fuzzy heavy psychedelic rock and stoner. Going into metal territories here and there and always, yes always, captivating you with musical vistas wild and wonderful! And on Outlaws of The Sun you can read more about it, go check it out. And check out those amazing albums! All of ‘em! (See... That got out of hand pretty quickly...)

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