maandag 19 februari 2018

Stoner HiVe’s Top 5 artists listened to last week…

Stoner HiVe’s
Top 5 artists listened to last week…

Yes, the new Monster Magnet album will be released by Napalm Records soon and Mindfucker is a real smash ‘n grab! Much more pointy, punchy and consice! But with a whole lot of soul and groove, it might be proto punk but it’s pure Monster Magnet. Gearing up for an interview with Dave Wyndorf later today, so yeah, Mindfucker was on repeat! And will be for quite some time! Starcrawler! Out on Rough Trade. The new hyped savior of grunge definitely delivers something good. Definitely LA styled, but filled with biting riffs, high octane energy and ramshackle crackles. Electric Huldra has been riding high everywhere and rightfully so! The Roadburner EP contains five stoner truckers and they are all equally wild! Borrachero! VinceS told me to check it out! So we did! And we are glad we listened to this crazy cat! The five tracks on their self-titled debut is heavy and grungy, but psychedelic and awesomely fuzzy! Last up is the Mephistopheles album by Sixes! Out on no less than four labels, Black Bow Recordings, Poisoned Mind Records, Forbidden Place Records and Medusa Crush Recordings. Yep, four. Californian doom and blackened sludge that lumbers sickly and drags itself around like a beast on the verge of death. Heavy is not just a word for them, heavy is every facet of every song! Go check’m out! Check’m all out!

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