vrijdag 16 februari 2018

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday 

We’ve not done a Quick Fire Friday for quite some time. Even though every Friday beckons for some fast action! Some wild tunes! And some quick delivery! Well. Here we are to bring you some hot tasty tunes. To pay some attention to all those amazing releases out there. And yes, we know, we know, the albums and bands deserve more. More attention and more of our time! But there is so much out there and we just simply cannot ever do it all justice. So here it is. The Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday. And its burns hot like molten lava!

Ritual King – Earthrise

Ritual King. A power-trio from the dirty streets of Manchester! Releasing their new three track EP Earthrise through When Planets Collide. Fuzzed out stoner and groovy hardrock with a grungy and bluesy edge. You will feel the earth rise, the groove head out with the tide and it will all feel absolutely right… That’s what you get when you listen to Ritual King!

Oopart – Oopart

Another power-trio. This time around they come from Rome, Italy. Oopart releases their debut self-titled EP featuring five amazing psychedelic blues, stoner and hardrock tracks. Very bluesy, very jammy and very tasty! This is what we need to let the sun burst through the clouds, this is what we need to let the winter die and the summer start! Yes, Oopart has the sun hidden in his sound!

Rivera – Spurned Woman

Rivera was formed in Oslo, Norway in 2015, when its genitor Mads Luis started a crusade to spread the holy energy of Rock n`Roll, coupled with dry stoner rock and a pinch of boogie. Okay, you’ve got my attention! And so does the first single Spurned Woman! With ex-members from notable Norwegian acts as Blood Tsunami, Hombre Malo, Samsaya and Kuuk, Rivera just finished recording their debut EP in Oslo with Ruben Willem (Caliban Studios). So, give us the goodies! We need more Rivera!

Stonemule – Dystopian State

The heaviest of the heavy of this Quick Fire Friday segment! There is still a lot of hardcore and punk audible on the new EP Dystopian State by Belgian crazies Stonemule. And then there is a lot of grunge, nineties alternative, a bit of sludge and a whole lot of metal! Three different vocalists shout, scream and sing the five tracks on Dystopian State to an unholy high. Something everyone definitely needs to check out!

The Absurd – Boots On The Ground

We end this Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday with an absolute zinger! This is what it's all about and this is exactly what we need! It’s The Absurd from Los Angeles. The band sounds like they’ve been around for ages and their single Boots On The Ground is an absurd and absolute homerun! Pure in all its direct delivery, pointy, sticky and fabulously luscious! A front row ticket to the freak show! The Absurd will wow you to no end and Boots On The Ground will be your soundtrack for this weekend! Check it out! 

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