vrijdag 12 januari 2018

Weedpecker – III

Weedpecker – III
Stickman Records - 2018
Stoner, Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Rock
Rated: ****

The Polish trippin’ stoners start off 2018 with an impressive release. On III, the four-piece group from Warsaw conjure dreamy psychedelic soundscapes and melodic fuzzed out riffs into a blissful, swirling haze.  And for once, the over used term “psychedelic” really applies here. This is a trip into a sonic landscape that made me forget the outside world and found me immersed on the journey that Weedpecker were taking me. Heavy when it needs to be, the riffs are natural and unforced and with great song compositions, the different tones and colours used really gel into a stunning album. Not since “A Storm In Heaven” by The Verve have I been transported to a place where I can escape to for 45 mins...

(Written by Tony Maim)

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