woensdag 31 januari 2018

Void Generator – Prodromi

Void Generator – Prodromi
Phonosphera – 2017
Rock, Space, Kraut, Prog, Psych, Instrumental
Rated: ***

Yikes, open sourced recordings are dangerous to just put out there. You might mistake its galactic feedback noises for something unintentional, weird, crazy or even other worldly. Well, Void Generator does this on purpose. The Italian project releases four tracks titled Prodromi and will have you surfing along the cosmic vibrations in no time. We call it an instrumental release, which it is not. But because of its open mic recording, the vocals are barely audible. There is no denying that the tracks are there. Four damn fine progressive, krautish, psychedelic rockers. But the lo-fi sound does not help the band here. You will definitely immediately long to hear them live. As much as you will immediately long to hear a better recording of this. I’m not quite sure why they wanted to go this route. It makes their earlier Supersound release, properly recorded, sound errr, super. So why did they not just opt for the same production now? Sure, they might have picked up some of the sounds of creation, noises of the universe and resonances of everything. But to truly hear all of the oscillations you will need an orgone accumulator. And well, unfortunately, we’re out of those at the moment…

(Written by JK)

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