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Tony Maim’s Personal Top 20

Tony Maim’s Personal Top 20

Madman Tony Maim, Black Flag addict and master of ceremonies on Black Insect Laughter has ofcourse sent his Personal Top 20 our way as well. We all know that he turned down the laughter on his music blog to focus on photography. He featured some on his Dead Dreams And Feedback  blog. But for the most part he posts them on his Facebook page. And he is ofcourse still sending stuff to the HiVe, which we are truly honored to receive. Hey, and if you follow the Doom Charts, you know he is still very active there as well. Did you read the fine intro piece he wrote for the December 2017 edition of the Doom Charts? Here are the madman's favorite albums of 2017!

Albums Of The year 2017

1. Radio Moscow – New Beginnings
2. Heavy Stone – Black Magic
3. Goya – Harvester Of Bongloads
4. Ground – 1
5. Hark – Machinations
6. Ruby The Hatchet – Planetary Space Child
7. Monolord – Rust
8. Nibs – Towards The Glow
9. Mastodon – Emperor Of Sand
10. The Black Wizards – What The Fuzz!
11. Cross Highest Trip – Vision Without Execution and Hallucination
12. Caskets Open – Follow Nothing
13. Dopelord – Children Of The Haze
14. Earth Witch – Out Of The Shallow
15. Vinnum Sabbathi – Gravity Works
16. Wayfaring Strangers – Acid Nightmares
17. Eygpt – Cracks and Lines
18. Sasquatch – Manueuvers
19. Spaceslug – Time Travel Dilemma
20. Cloud Catcher – Trails Of Cosmic Dust
21. Astral Mass – S/T
22. The Obsessed – Sacred
23. Samsara Blues Experiment – One With The Universe
24. With The Dead – Love from With The dead
25. Youngblood Supercult – The Great American Death Rattle

Albums that had no place in this chart but feature high in my own list that might not be stoner/doom!

Antibalas – Where The Gods Are In Peace
At The Drive In – In*ter*a*ll*a
The Bronx – V
Idles – Brutalism
Integrity – Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume
Nick Cave – Lovely Creatures/The Best of
Thurston Moore – Rock’N’Roll Consciousness
Unsane – Sterilise
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Luciferian Towers

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