donderdag 7 december 2017

Driven by Impact – Driven By Impact

Driven by Impact – Driven By Impact
Self released – 2017
Metal, Core, Black, Death, Thrash
Rated: ***

We must confess, we have been a bit rusty when it comes to listening to the high intense metal genres that mix their sound with black metal, death metal, metal core and thrash metal. But when the self-titled debut by German five-piece Driven By Impact found our way we could not stop spinning it. The twenty-five seconds intro piece called prologue is already steeped with promise. After which all hell breaks loose on Building Fear. Powerful drumming that doesn’t continually go for speed but also has moments of fast groove in it. Absolute shredding guitarwork and a growling voice that indeed helps in building up a healthy anxiety. But it is without a doubt, the groove and the melodic influences that set Driven By Impact apart; its keeps the intense pounding and earth shattering metal in check. It will make the furious breakneck rush, the pulsating guitars and the galloping drums come together in sheer beauty. Yes, there is beauty in death and Driven By Impact proves it!

(Written by JK)

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