maandag 27 november 2017

Stoner HiVe’s Top 5 Artists listened to last week…

Stoner HiVe’s 
Top 5 Artists listened to last week…

Holy crap! The weeks seem to go faster and faster! The only moments of respite on this crazy rollercoaster are the moment when we can sit down, grab a headphone and take in the sweet sounds of some new amazing album. Like the new Disastroid one called Screen. A mention about this album will follow shortly; for it turned me on in a big way! Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and the Modern Ruin record (out on International Death Cult) is angry, fierce but also highly catchy and melodic. Holyphant we mentioned last Quick Fire Friday round and are still spinning it like crazy! And the same goes for the crazy Finnish guys from Avant Garden. The other one that finally caught our ears is the new Flying Eyes record. Out on Ripple Music the eight tracks on Burning Season are filled with wild riffs and seems to marry loads of different aspects of everything heavy we all love. This is one hell of a special album!

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  1. Cool, like Disastroid, they are local band here in the San Fransisco bay area.