dinsdag 21 november 2017

Stoner HiVe’s Top 5 Artists listened to last week…

Stoner HiVe’s 
Top 5 Artists listened to last week…

As we try to get our head clean again after the amazing Helldorado festival; we post a quick list of the most listened to artists of last week. Which ofcourse should have gone up yesterday… And it ofcourse features Steel Panther, due to an interview last Friday and Red Fang because we were lucky enough to have an interview scheduled at that majestic Helldorado festival we already mentioned. We revisited the Doublestone album Devil’s Own released by Ripple Music. Since we are approaching the end of the year already we are revisiting all those marked albums, the ones marked as one the favorites for 2017. And Doublestone definitely belongs on that list! Spacelord was another one of those. What an absolute smash ‘n grab album! Same goes for Motherslug’s very own Electric Dunes of Titan! Slow and heavy it’s a titanic mountain of riffs and groove! Check ‘m out! Check ‘m all out!

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