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Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday 

Another week passed, and another Friday devoted to some tasty Quick Fire madness! We would love to pay more attention to every band mentioned. But you all know how it is. The man has you face down in the dirt and working your ass off. So, we’ll have to make due with this new edition of the Quick Fire Friday. We know, we know, the albums and bands deserve more. But we just simple cannot ever do it all justice. But hey, it’s the Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday. And its burns hot like molten lava!

Avant Garden – Avant Garden

The full-sized self-titled album by Finish three-piece Avant Garden is one kick hell of a record! We of course mentioned these freaks once before and were already charmed by their warm sound, which incorporates indie, alternative and stoner rock. They’re still drawing some influences from QOTSA, but they make it all sound tight and tremendous! Damn, these five tracks are amazing! Give’m a whirl while there’s still time! 

45Rats – Gazer 

Another band that immediately starts caressing your ear with a velvet touch is 45Rats and their new album Gazer. Seventies inspired hardrock with a fine groove and drive and a tasty lust for the fuzz! This three-piece instrumental outfit was formed back around 2008 in the outskirts of Athens, Greece and have now put out their third release. This time they also invited Zannis Psilopoulos (Contra Limit, The Buzzdealers) to do some guest vocals on Jailtrain! It definitely suits the music well! 45Rats, get them before they scurry off! 

Holyphant – Holyphant 

Holyphant hails from Italy and deliver some grade A psychedelic doom and seventies inspired hardrock on their self-titled album. It definitely has a lot of divine elements to their tracks which remind of the great folk bands of the seventies. Not that there is much folky about this band itself. The same goes for all those early heavy rock bands. They have definitely left a mark on this powertrio. Deep Purple & Black Sabbath fans united! 

Son Of The Morning – Son Of The Morning 

Son Of The Morning to you all! Sorry, it’s just that the name immediately wants it to proclaim itself in a loud and booming voice. Just like the three tracks on this self-titled EP wants to be heard loud and booming. Doom rock; with a hard loving trucker drive and a lovely occult taste. The four-piece is fronted by a fine female voice in the name of Lady Helena. Dark music for dark time but with enough room and air to not feel suffocated. This is exactly the kind of wickedness we love! 

Galactic Gulag – To The Stars By Hard Ways 

A much better review to this awesome release by Brazilian instrumental outfit Galactic Gulag was written by Frazer Jones on his Desert Psychlist. To The Stars By Hard Ways features five amazing heavy psychedelic adventures that definitely look up to the stars but are also grounded with earthy tones and bluesy guitars. A definite trip for every instrumental stoner rock fiend! I’ve been indulging myself every day of the week! 

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