dinsdag 14 november 2017



Only a few days to go to the first edition of Helldorado! The festival that, let’s not kid ourselves, is the continuation of what Speedfest already was. This time around it might even become crazier, weirder and more dangerous! With clowns, bearded ladies and knife throwers everywhere! Yes, it’s a rock ‘n roll freakshow! And what about that line-up! Bands like Triggerfinger, The Darkness, Red Fang, Orange Goblin, Komatsu, Duel, Monomyth, Nashville Pussy, Imperial State Electric, Big Business, Lords of Altamont, Birth of Joy, Tigre Blanco, Dead Lord, Mambo Kurt, La Muerte, Fifty Foot Combo and the amazing Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds! Throw in some other crazy stuff, comedians and travelling karaoke machines that might just show right behind you when you’re taking a leak and you know you are in for one hell of a ride! This might be worse than the Circus Circus on a Friday night in Las Vegas… Ooh yes! Way worse! Still a few tickets left! Go grab’m and join the freakshow!!!

Ooh yes! Way worse! Still a few tickets left! 
Go grab’m and join the freakshow!!!

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