donderdag 30 november 2017

Disastroid – Screen

Disastroid – Screen
Self released – 2017
Rock, Stoner, Grunge, Sludge, Math
Rated: ****

Screen has been out for two months now, the new Disastroid album. Yes. Yes. After the first listening session I made the following notes: ‘An almost funky take on stoner and grunge, with sludgy overtones and Disastroid’s signature breaks and time shifts which reminds of math-rock.’ That already says a lot. Shit, that says everything. And just now, before finishing this little sermon about the album I went to their website. First few sentences there: ‘Disastroid is a heavy band from San Francisco. Their sound is a genre-blending mix of sludge, grunge, metal and stoner rock. (There's some weird math-y stuff in there sometimes, too, but just a little.)’ Apparently, the guys want to downplay their math approach; which is fine by me. But it is what sets them apart and makes their sound so groovy, funky and almost unbearably catchy. Sure, it might be less jumpy than say their last album Missiles, but it still moves around a lot. And it will definitely make you move too. It reminds of the best Prong on some moments; but there are also songs that sound like early Queens Of The Stone Age or tracks that remind of Soundgarden or The Melvins. Yes, they manage to provoke you into thinking about those great bands but always retain their own sound. It’s that weird amalgam of trades and tricks. It what you get when a band does their own thing and for nobody but themselves. And yes, it will make Disastroid just as great as the rest of ‘em!

(Written by JK)

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