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Stoner HiVe’s Top 5 Artists listened to last week…

Stoner HiVe’s 
Top 5 Artists listened to last week…

As mentioned before, we returned from a wedding in Salisbury and a month-long trek through Britain just last week. So, there has been a lot of catching up to do, but also a lot of different stuff to listen to in preparation for a few interviews. Hence, the most listened to artist was Ernst Jansz. A Dutch musical legend and co-founder of CCC Inc and Doe Maar for instance. But even though the man is a bad-ass, the music has little to do with all the heaviness we rock out on over here. Like Radio Moscow’s new album New Beginnings. We’ve been following these cats since first meeting them back around 2009 when they played a dusty little wateringhole in Utrecht. And they still soar high on Cream, Zeppelin and Blue Cheer waves. We love their psychedelic rock and we reckon this one is their best effort yet! New Beginnings is out on Century Media Records and deserves everyone’s full attention! Necromandus, the story of Necromandus. Well, we will need more room for that. So we will mention them later on as well. But I would like to make sure that everyone gives this album released via Mandus Music a spin. Fans of seventies hardrock and CCR, Rush and Black Sabbath in special will immediately dig the hell out of it! I’m sure everyone knows about my obsession with Rancho De La Luna and all the people who ever set foot in there. So, when Troy van Leeuwen contributes to the new Chelsea Wolfe album Hiss Spun (out on Sargent House), you’ve got my attention. Aggressive, passionate and heavy! O’ and it also features Aaron Turner of Isis. Extremely addictive stuff! And we are still riding that majestic dragon called Lödarödböl by Texas trio Greenbeard. Such an amazing record! Blistering stoner riffage with bluesy psychedelia, precision vocal tones and a radiant progression of song craft. Let’s keep an eye on Sailor Records cause they’ve been releasing amazing stuff! 

A first week of great stuff and there is so much more! So much more!

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