dinsdag 3 oktober 2017

Motorpsycho – The Tower

Motorpsycho – The Tower 
Stickman – 2017 
Rock, Prog, Stoner 
Rated: **** 

I must confess. The past few years the Motorpsycho albums have unfortunately been passing me by. Not because I did not dig them at all, but because there were perhaps too many and not all of them lived up to the massive quality they had before. And I must confess that if the Norwegian fiends had not travelled to the American desert to record in the magical Rancho De La Luna studio, with help from Alain Johannes, I might have not paid that much attention again. This time however they had me rooting for them before the needle touched the record. We all know drummer Kenneth Kapstad left to found Spidergawd. Which might have been a blessing in disguise. Cause with Tomas Järmyr on the drum stool we can now enjoy a Motorpsycho that demands your attention. No more halfhearted listening sessions or a simple ‘it’s good’. No, this time around the build The Tower and it will stand forever! It spills over in creativity and on many occasion it seems to top everything they ever did before. The way the let Järmyr dictate the rhythm, with much more space and room is a breath of fresh air. Progressive in nature most of the record is heavier than the albums of late and bursting with impressive tension arcs. It is safe to say the Great Magnet and the direct line Rancho De La Luna has with it has struck again… 

(Written by JK) 

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