vrijdag 18 augustus 2017

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Across the pond the crazies are whooping it up at Psycho Las Vegas, but we shall do our own thing at the neat little Nirwana Tuinfeest. Not as big, but certainly as crazy! So, since we have to get over there as soon as possible we quickly fire off another round of the Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday! We know, we know, the albums and bands deserve more. But we just simple cannot ever do it all justice. But hey, it’s the Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday. And its burns hot like molten lava!

Urchin – Cavalcade Past a Forbearing Ruin

One of the bands that started the ruckus in Las Vegas last night was Urchin. The two-piece blackened sludgy doom metal released a new album earlier this month called Cavalcade Past a Forbearing Ruin. I believe they played poolside and I’m pretty sure the water would have turned to black mud as the waves of Urchin paranoia struck out across the Las Vegas battlefield…

The Mad Doctors – Yuengling Malmsteen

Do you remember us raving our asses off about The Mad Doctors and their No Waves, Just Sharks release? It was our soundtrack to every backyard BBQ and beach outing of the past months. Well, the fella’s are now releasing a split seven inch with Heavy Traffic. Which can be ordered here and listened to here. Or the other way around. Whichever way you do it, just do it. Majestic psychedelic surfing and fuzzy punk rocking guaranteed!

Marvelous Liars – Marvelous Liars

Power rock, stoner pop and everything in between. The new self-titled album by Marvelous Liars has it all. Borrowing some of the desert heat to spice up their highly catchy rock ‘n roll the three-piece is fishing in the great pond with more hooks and bait then the most expert of fishermen. And guess what, they have you biting and snapping for their rock strut like a ravenous piranha. Fans of Arctic Monkeys, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Strokes, Beatles and Foo Fighters will definitely find something tasty here!

Rubble Road – The Clowns Have Spoken

Listen to The Clowns Have Spoken and you will suddenly have the urge to hit the bourbon bottle hard and the road even harder; off chasing weird and twisted nights with the three-piece (or quartet?) Rubble Road on your backseat shouting about Truck Stop Hookers and Galactic Fugitives. And all this while they’re also brewing their own beer. And you know what we always say, good people drink good beer. Get on the Rubble Road, drink heavy and ride hard!

Ben Hughes – Rejecting The Machine

Ending on a Lo-Fi-High note! Rejecting The Machine is the first single promoting his one man project that will soon release a complete effort entitled Cycles of the Psyche. It’s Ben Hughes and the multi instrumentalist runs the gamut of all sorts of Lo-Fi psychedelic goodness. It seems to be a follow-up to a the more earthy approach of his Reflection EP released earlier this year. All in all, the music all have this secretive sound and makes you want to learn more about its magic. Stay tuned!

O'no... Hold on... Wait... Wait... Here's the new Triggerfinger single: Colossus!

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