zondag 28 mei 2017

Sautrus – Anthony Hill

Sautrus – Anthony Hill
Pink Tank Records – 2017
Rock, Prog, Stoner, Fuzz
Rated: *****

We’ve had the pleasure of listening to Anthony Hill, the new Sautrus record for the past few months. The Polish quartet amazed us and turned us into massive fans with their first release Reed: Chapter One from 2014. A record that dared to aim for bigger and gigantic things, which is quite something for a full-sized debut. And when you set the bar that high, can you follow it up with something equally stunning? On the new record, they drift more to a sound we know from the Croatian band Cojones; albeit still retaining their own signature. That huge sound of crashing, wave after wave. Riff after riff, drum after drum. Turning their love for progressive rock up and turning the darker more dangerous stuff down. But they still go fuzz ape and stoner trucking when needed and they still take their chances, this time, taking their progressiveness to something more melodic, easy on the ears yet all the while more complex. It is definitely the Sautrus sound one recognizes yet there is no repetition or a vague sense of dread that this is simply a Reed: Chapter Two. No, no, this is an entirely different tale. One that quickly turns into a page-turner. And one you could read over and over again. For it is one of those stories that enchants and pulls you into a different dimension, with little gems hidden here and there; and it will take time to discover them all!

(Written by JK)

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