woensdag 3 mei 2017

Bartek – Bartek

Bartek – Bartek
Suburban – 2017
Rock, Fuzz, Garage, Punk, Doom
Rated: ****

Fast paced garage rock, overloaded with grimy fuzz and a punk adagio. That’s Bartek for ya! Or well, almost. For the trio of young dogs from Amsterdam, Netherlands know their way around catchy truckers as well as loud noisy steamrollers. Just check out opener Holland on their self-titled debut album to hear exactly what we mean. It’s just one repetitive riff and stomp, but it works and has you nodding a doom nod, expecting for slow marches throughout. But follow-up 22 is this sweaty ballsy rocker that revs you up. Following that is an even easier, simpler, catchier, almost sixties pop reminiscent melody that explodes during the chorus. And then there is a slow paced strident titled Heavy that flattens all the adrenaline you got from the earlier tracks. And that’s how Bartek keeps you on the edge of your seat, never knowing what is lying in wait around the corner. What kind of animal is ready to jump and pounce! It’s the catchiest garage, the wickedest fuzz and the grooviest noise coming from the Lowlands at this moment in time. And on certain moments, they explode in such a fine way we can safely state that their blast will leave a mark for many years to come!

(Written by JK)

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