dinsdag 25 april 2017

Thermate – Black Desert Highway

Thermate – Black Desert Highway
Self released – 2017
Rock, Hard, Stoner, Seventies
Rated: *****

We’ve been hooked on whatever the Finnish quintet Thermate bring forth since they came out swinging with their November EP released in 2014. The mini-album Off To Hades, came out in 2016, and was a gigantic leap forward. And we welcomed a holiday together with the guys in purgatory. High powered diesel blues, with enough proto revelations and stoner incantations to have you jumping on the back of their truck towards Hades without ever looking back. So there you are, on the Black Desert Highway speeding towards something wicked and thunderous. Cause the cats have outdone themselves again. A fine intro and outro serve as two devious bookends to a tall tale filled with gritty riffs, stoner grooves and hefty nods towards everything proto. Hypnotizing in its trucking rhythms and enchanting with its solos and guitar colors. The vocals stand tall, powerful, clean and evocative, they produce the right amount of enchantment on this devilish trip. Yes, Thermate have delivered a righteous album and one that will serve as the perfect soundtrack for a road trip on the Black Desert Highway

(Written by JK)

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