maandag 10 april 2017

Stoner HiVe's Top 5 Artists listened to last week

Stoner HiVe's
Top 5 Artists listened to last week:

It’s been a magnificent week once again, with so many great releases to listen to. It makes a man want to cry, tears of happiness, of joy and of some weird form of weariness. How in hell are we going to continue on like this? Great record upon great record coming out and so much history and back catalogue to listen to? Shit man, feeling overwhelmed again. Which is only logical when listening to the new Doublestone album. We had been eagerly awaiting new stuff since their amazing Wingmakers album from 2013. And it is finally here! Double U, O, double you! They doubled up on everything on Devil's Own and won big. The Danish deliver once again on everything we love from seventies inspired psychedelic rock, doom and hardrock with a stoner twist here and there and the blues roots growing wild. Another one we had been giddy about, was the new Royal Thunder. Cause we loved Crooked Doors and CVI even more! So, Wick has been running circles in our head; and made it so We Never Fall Sleep. Even more ambitious than what came before the album marries so much assorted styles and it is so different, we cannot do anything else but fall head over heels with it. Will this infatuation last? We shall see! Stonerpunk, stonercore, post-stoner. All new and all crazy labels for a band called Bokassa! They all fit like a glove for their new album Divide & Conquer. It’s aggressive and energetic as well as chaotic. But it does have a softer, more imaginative side. And it is once again this paradox that makes these Norwegians so great to listen to! A completely different animal is Ha Ha Tonka, their southern tinged roots rock meets folk and Americana turns only a few psychedelic corners on occasion on their new Heart-Shaped Mountain album. And we have Doom Chart buddy Bucky to blame for turning us into Tonka toting freaks. Woodhawk came to us from all angles. Which is only logical, for their Beyond The Sun release is simply a feast of awesome riffs and fine grooves. A no brainer, absolute love fest for all the fuzz junkies, desert users and stoner addicts out there. We are good people and we listen to good music! All day, every day. All the time!

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