woensdag 12 april 2017

Cloud Catcher – Trails Of Kozmic Dust

Cloud Catcher – Trails Of Kozmic Dust
Totem Cat Records – 2017
Heavy Rock, Proto Metal
Rated: *****

Every now and then I wake up from my self-imposed exile to the swampy, gloomy hinterlands of Doom and just wanna rock. Cloud Catcher are a power trio from Denver who do just that. It is heavy and hard and by god, it makes me bang my head big style. I am an old bastard and when I see tags that say “retro” or “seventies” my heart sometimes sinks. I lived through those times and there was a lot of dross that bands are copying now – it was shit then and shit now. But worry not my faithful download monkeys, only the very best has seeped through to these guys. Cream, the early Led Zepp albums, Blue Cheer – raw blues, fuzzed acid rock and stone cold grooves make this album stand high above any other offerings I have heard this year. Frantic guitar solos are sprayed over an inventive and tight rhythm section that never stop attacking or providing a backdrop for the clear, urgent vocals. The fantastic production on Trails of Kozmic Dust brings all the instruments to the fore but the attitude is all raw and impassioned. Psychedelic jams jump aboard to ensure that this Kozmic train keeps a’ rolling all night long.

(Written by Tony Maim)

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