maandag 3 april 2017

Automatic Sam – Arcs

Automatic Sam – Arcs
V2/Goomah – 2017
Rock, Psych, Desert, Garage
Rated: *****

We’ve been smitten with the Automatic Sam sound since their first release Hot Foot Oil back in 2009. Follow up Texino and their last album Sonic Whip were even more amazing. And when the boys joined Gary Arce and Mario Lalli on the new Ten East album Skyline Pressure  we were absolutely overjoyed. And when we finally heard that spaceous desert record even more. And now they are back. Back from the desert and back from the dead. Once again with a new drummer and once again with a new take on their old sound. Full of paradoxes, Arcs as it is called, moves into a sixties pop direction in some form, sounding lighter and more open, all the while turning darker on their next outing and tuning the overall heavy garage sound down, while tuning the rest of their heaviness up. Did we mention paradoxes? Did we mention there is definitely an Automatic Sam sound? Filled with stunning riffs, sublime solo’s and righteous compositions. Both lengthy and short. They try out every bit of arc and tension. Whether they sound straight from the desert or have a more krautish approach, they always seem to want to do it their own freaking way. Telling their very own story and their tall tales. They always did, but do it even more on this album. And that is what it is, more Automatic Sam on every level!

(Written by JK)

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