dinsdag 28 maart 2017

Stoner HiVe's Top 5 Artists listened to last week

Stoner HiVe's
Top 5 Artists listened to last week:

Mage (21)
Orango (19)
Mutautu (13)

We know. We normally publish this on Monday. But I returned from London late and we had other pressing engagements. As we will continue to have for a while longer. But here’s another quick Top 5 of albums we listened to the most last week. The Ain-Soph Aur album by In The Company of Serpents has been on heavy rotation. The doom duo delivers in again in a fine scratchy and grimy noir vibe. Stoner fused with doom, metal, hardrock and a stylistic funnel vision; that’s what the new album Green from Mage is all about. Emperor Guillotine comes from down deep in the heart of Texas. The southern vibe perhaps is felt through its punky influences, but otherwise the self-titled is filled with doom metal and feels dark. Mutautu is the fuzzy blues we need, we want and we love! As you perhaps have read in the Quick Fire Friday section of last Friday. Orango has been with me ever since discovering the Something Good EP back around 2002 and their tiny connection to the Madrugada family tree. Well, they’re back with a new album, Mules of Nana. Heavy blues, southern vistas and wild soulful almost folky atmospheres. A pure classic! 

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