dinsdag 15 november 2016

Val Tvoar – In Light You Believe ... but in Darkness You Dwell

Val Tvoar – In Light You Believe ... but in Darkness You Dwell
Heliaed Records – 2016
Rock, Metal, Stoner
Rated: ****

The big man behind this album is Val Tvoar himself, guitarist for Soul Thrower, he apparently wanted to prove his multi-instrumentalism and production skills to himself. And to the rest of the world as well obviously by releasing his first solo-record titled: In Light You Believe…. But in Darkness You Dwell. ‘Throughout the album, on both the Light and Dark side, those Kyuss, Mastodon and occasional Fu Manchu influences come shining through, with radio-friendly 4/4 progressions that are approachable, yet inventive and edgy.’ That’s what the man writes about the album himself. And it is in fact very spot on. Which proves the man is able to set goals and attain them. Without a doubt the tracks on the album sound like those American stoner bands of old. And without a doubt those songs are all damn pleasing to the ear. With a tasty nineties alternative edge as well, especially on tracks like I Am You and Three Shovels of Dirt. I guess those songs also point towards the bonus tracks on the CD version. For the earlier released more grungy EP Into The Unknown is present on the physical album as well. What a treat. No less than four extra fast paced tracks that move towards the new-grunge of the Foo’s and radio-friendly punk. So in short, we’ve got an album spinning over here that has no weirdness, no battleships or out there tracks. But an abundance of heavy hitting commercial viable and luscious rockers that are all damn fine written and performed. Hats off to Val Tvoar and his heavy magic!

(Written by JK)

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