donderdag 17 november 2016

The Well – Pagan Science

The Well – Pagan Science
RidingEasy Records – 2016
Rock, Psych, Blues, Doom, Occult
Rated: ****

It is definitely not an easy feat anymore to produce a record in the vintage blues rock genre with occult, stoner, psychedelic or doom influences that can truly wow the masses. There have been a lot of those in the past years and many have been fine. But to truly produce something that sticks out above the herd is damn right difficult. Luckily we can find these cats on Number 17 of the November Doom Charts and we can therefor safely say that there is one such album now on heavy rotation. Three-piece The Well prove with their occult sounding sophomore release Pagan Science that they are capable of not only writing grade A songs, but also incorporate those into something bigger. Cause even though one can thoroughly enjoy the hell out of tracks like Black Eyed Gods, Skybound & Drug From The Banks as stand out songs. They are clearly part of a bigger picture. One that paints a righteous psychedelic doom canvas full of grandiose visions of dark and twisted knowledge…

(Written by JK)

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