vrijdag 25 november 2016

Oxblood Forge – Oxblood Forge

Oxblood Forge – Oxblood Forge
Self released – 2016
Rock, Hard, Stoner, Metal
Rated: ****

The self-titled debut EP by American quintet Oxblood Forge counts five tracks. Five tracks that move distinctly into a direction of heavy metal and classic hardrock. Interspersed with some stoner trucking and even some sludge here and there. Five highly diverse tracks that are not to be taking lightly. For where that opener has you revisiting the good ol’ days, the final song is much heavier and growling. Not just because the singer can do both excellent clean and snarling vocals. Also, because the drums become lower and more like an earthquake on approach while the guitars together with the bass turn into the four horsemen on route with your demise. The three tracks in between meander in the middle of those extremes. To a more speedrock (Lashed To The Mast) or pubrock (Night Crawler) approach perhaps but always with fists in the air and beer spilled. And even though we are not fans of spilled beer, we do love that fists in the air thing and therefor absolutely love Oxblood Forge!

(Written by JK)

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