zaterdag 19 november 2016

Ghost – Popestar

Ghost – Popestar
Spinefarm – 2016
Rock, Hard, Pop, Metal, Theatrical, Occult
Rated: ***

They have been laboring, ever forward, towards that one and ultimate goal, to create a pure cult following for the movement that is Ghost. Sure, not everyone will start professing their undying love Papa Emeritus, but the ones that do shall shower in the great abundance of rock the boys will push out into the world. For, that is something we can only give credit to the boys in robes for, they keep on producing albums and EP’s in a pretty fast pace. Every two years an album with an EP as follow-up in between. Well, almost, sort of. Anyway, Popestar is the newest EP, and continues the path they set out on with their first album. This one, like the other EP If You Have Ghost, is once again filled with covers and one own track. This time around they cover Simian Mobile Disco, Imperiet, Echo & The Bunnymen and Eurythmics. To perhaps less adornment then they did on the other EP. But that one Ghost song, Square Hammer, is definitely not bad and definitely undoubtedly Ghost. Referring once again to Abba and Blue Oyster Cult. Is that a bad thing? Hell no, it’s Ghost. And the one who are followers will surely deposit their money at the collection round once again. And the non-believers? Perhaps a few will be guided into believing as well… Perhaps not…

(Written by JK)

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