vrijdag 7 oktober 2016

The Ruiner – The Ruiner

The Ruiner – The Ruiner
Desert Highways – 2016
Rock, Stoner, Metal, Punk, Doom, Sludge
Rated: ***

Pioneering musicians from Christbait, Legends of Motorsport, Blood Duster and DernRutlidge who have all been playing together for a long time in various incarnations and now continue the journey with The Ruiner. Their nine track self-titled record definitely sounds more mature than the 1996 Dirtypunkmutha album Christbait put out. Which is logical since that was 20 years ago. I unfortunately will never become a big fan of these kind of vocals. But when it is done with this intensity, as if the singer might collapse on stage after three songs, you can only admire it and give credit where credit is due. Sharp like a razor and performed right there on the very edge. That’s right. And with a highly metallic bass vide and ditto riffs the tracks soon become this fine mash of stoner metal and sludge. But then the fourth track 10 Paces rolls around and the vocals turn cleaner and the composition bluesier. And I like it. I like it when those other vocals are there as well. It turns this second half of the album into something much more enjoyable. Are those first few songs bad? Hell no, it’s just that the latter are much better and we are mighty glad to have The Ruiner around!

(Written by Doktor420 & JK)

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