dinsdag 4 oktober 2016

Temnee - Dialectics

Temnee - Dialectics
Self released – 2016
Rock, Instrumental, Space, Psych, Metal
Rated: ****

Back in 2015 we mentioned their Astrodiving EP from 2014 and the unsure state of the Russian outfit Temnee. Well, we still aren’t sure now. Have they turned into a four-piece? Or they using session drummers? Or are they a trio? We can be sure though that their craft has continued and that they just released a full-sized instrumental spacerock extravaganza named Dialectics. Heavy psychedelics prevail and with guitar colors that have this metallic shine to them it’s different from more space oriented album we are usually presented with. It’s darker and ominous in a way that isn’t easily explainable. Lush and opulent melodies crush over each other and the underlying bass work sounds massive and smoldering. Perhaps it should be pushed a bit more to the forefront with the next release. And the drums, easy going, laidback and groovy where needed, but just as furious and wild during the moments when necessary. And then there’s also that worldly inspired fifth track Steps To Infinity with a different drummer and darbuka instrumentation. Definitely a completely different feel than the rest of the album. But it works and sounds like an impressive and heavy intermission from the rest! Dialectics, a definite fine ride!

(Written by JK)

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