maandag 3 oktober 2016

Space Invaders – Ayakashi

Space Invaders – Ayakashi
Nasoni Records – 2016
Rock, Space, Psych, Jam
Rated: ****

It’s feels like some weird poetic justice to start off with the other band of Paul Pott, since his Robb & Pott release was the last we could do something with before we unfortunately had to leave all of you for a while. We are ofcourse referring to Space Invaders and their new album Ayakashi. On this fifth album they once again hold our beloved spacerock in high regard. Featuring Mike Hafliger (Spacenote), Dirk Jan Muller (Electric Orange), Baal Brain (Knall) and Dennis Gockel (Weltraum) all of the four tracks deliver that lift off and exploration we all long for in our spacerock. Recorded live at the World-Music-Festival in Loshausen in 2015, and on a radio concert for the Underground-Äxpärten in their studio in Soest the album never falters and just keeps you drifting and whirling through space. Highly jammy and intensely dreamy this is not an album you can casually listen to. No, this demands your attention, it demands you headphones and headspace and commands you to journey through all those other worlds for over fifty minutes. Ayakashi is one hell of a trip!

(Written by JK)

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