woensdag 5 oktober 2016

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra – Broken Lines

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra – Broken Lines
Party Smasher Inc/V2 – 2016
Rock, Hard, Prog
Rated: ****

When I first learned about this project it still featured or was rumored to feature Juliette Lewis on vocals. It would have truly made this supergroup something to look forward to. When she dropped out my lust for the Giraffe Tongue Orchestra weakened. But luckily, the beast still wandered into my path. For come on, you cannot pass over on a band featuring guitarist Brent Hinds (Mastodon), vocalist William DuVall (Alice In Chains), guitarist Benjamin Weinman (Dillinger Escape Plan), drummer Thomas Prigden (Mars Volta) and Pete Griffin (Dethklok, Zappa Plays Zappa). O’ and Jon Theodore (Queens Of The Stone Age, Mars Volta) also guests on two tracks. The honor roll sounds like a veritable playground of intricate compositions and a whirlwind tornado of riffs, notes and tones. But this time around these fiends who love to freak out with their respective bands have kept the extremes to a minimum. They’ve actually managed to pour their challenging technic displays into something easier to digest and mixed with much simpler straight to the core rock songs. Or even almost danceable grooves with songs like Blood Moon and Everyone Gets Everything They Really Want. But we must conceded that Duvall sounds excellent on almost every track and even seems to push his boundaries. Not to mention the ace duo vocals of him and Hinds on No-one Is Innocent. Does all of this make us forget that the Broken Lines album might have been completely different with Miss Lewis on vocals? Perhaps not, because we still get a tiny taste when she does background for the Back To The Light song. And perhaps so, cause with ten highly different tracks and atmospheres we can safely say there is enough for everyone and a lot for a lot of us. Hell, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra might just win all of us over…

(Written by JK)

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