dinsdag 4 oktober 2016

Buried Souls – The Crossing

Buried Souls – The Crossing
Self-released/Deadbeat Media – 2016
Metal, Sludge, Core, Death
Rated: ***

The album was released digitally on the tail end of 2015 but saw a physical distribution somewhat later. We are referring to the debut full-sized effort The Crossing by Buried Souls from the Swiss town of Lausanne. A four-piece metal outfit with definite feelers out for sludge, hardcore, death and tiny hooks in doom. And with just those genres mentioned we don’t do them justice. Nope, no justice at all. Cause they also have a penchant for grind, crust and thrash. It is a massive sound, an avalanche of noise, growling, screaming and with a fistful of power. And just listen to that grade A drum work or amazing axe slaying guitarist. Double u, o, double u! There is absolutely no holding back and almost no release on the throttle. Fast paced and filthy! Not for the weak or feeble mind, this takes gusto and grit! And we have it both! So clench up, get to The Crossing and scream along!

(Written by JK)

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