dinsdag 23 augustus 2016

Robb & Pott – Once Upon The Wings

Robb & Pott – Once Upon The Wings
Nasoni Records – 2016
Rock, Prog, Space, Stoner, Jam, Psych
Rated: ****

Robb & Pott, a duo made up out of Robbi Rob from the American born jam outfit 3rd Ear Experience and Paul Pott from the German space rock masters The Space Invaders. That will definitely peak my interest and it should also give your blood a sweet rise in temperature. So when the package arrived containing their debut effort Once Upon The Wings we immediately immerged ourselves in their universe. A delicate escape from the world it is and the definite high rise above the clouds soaring five track space rock extravaganza. A fine jam it is. You drift off with heavy opener Flesh 'N Steel and fly even further when follow-up Grass begins. Which suddenly turns more progressive, eighties sounding and even more inspired when Amritakripa, Robb’s better half and keyboard player for 3rd Ear, starts reading a poem by South African poet Ingrid Jonker in a wavy voice. It’s a trip. And the journey continues on even deeper and intense with 16 minutes long Prophecy #1. The two tracks that follow keep it all at an amazing level, even though the heavy, earthly, spacey and worldly are exchanged for looney humor first before riveting back to what we want to fly on with. Robb & Pott and duo made for aeronautical adventures! Let them be your guide!

(Written by JK)

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