dinsdag 2 augustus 2016

Montenegro – Vivo

Montenegro – Vivo
Self released – 2016
Psych, Metal, Garage, Live, Instrumental
Rated: *****

Next arrival in to the HiVe, please welcome Montenegro out of Argentina. Their latest album Vivo was recorded live in Buenos Aires. I liked Vivo from the word go. (Just like JK liked their earlier record Confusos Recuerdos Después Del Coma.) Oh wait, there are no words. Montenegro is a strict instrumental outfit whose influences must be vast. They are like old school metal meets psych, meets garage rock. A perfect example of this is track two, Misterios Del Líbano. The track opens with what I can only describe as a Frankenstein style riff into a very old surf or garage style rock. It's brilliant. Then the cut Sofistiebrio made me feel as though I was taking flight high above the earth. Vivo is one of the best live underground recordings I have heard to date. The creativity and musicianship is superb. It's dynamic with nuances one can actually feel. If I could pick a band to play an instrument in it would have to be Montenegro. I really like a group who can spread their wings and not follow the crowd. I wonder who the lucky crowd was to see the show. You are a part of underground history... Take your bows…

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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