maandag 18 juli 2016

Imaad Wasif – with Two Part Beast / Strange Hexes

Imaad Wasif – with Two Part Beast / Strange Hexes
World In Sound – 2016
Rock, Psych, Folk, Stoner
Rated: ****

Originally released in 2008, sophomore album Strange Hexes from the honorable Imaad Wasif sees a re-issue by the righteous World In Sound label. For as they state themselves, the lost gem of contemporary rock music needs a wider audience. The fragile shamanic poet immediately captures the listener in an overwhelming atmosphere between sonic bliss and bone-breaking intensity. His guitar licks howl like wolves in the night, while his voice seems to cut through the air. This is true musician-mastership and yet a mystery why only so few initiates have heard of this great album. And we can only concur with that. For there is no holding back here, the ten tracks hop from psychedelics into world inspired folk and on to stoner and even metal moments. Yes, Strange Hexes has it all and most importantly will be able to catch the ear of a wide variety of listener for every age to come. Cause this is timeless and one hell of a picture painted…

(Written by JK)

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