vrijdag 29 juli 2016

Blues Pills – Lady In Gold


Blues Pills – Lady In Gold
Nuclear Blast – 2016
Rock, Blues, Psych, Pop
Rated: **

We love Blues Pills, have been loving Blues Pills since seeing them live on Roadburn back in 2013. And their self-titled debut effort is still often on rotation over here. And ofcourse made it all the way to the Number 5 position in the Stoner HiVe top 20 countdown of 2014, voted for by so many of you lovely freaks out there. So when Lady Of Gold finally came in, we welcomed the female grim reaper and let it immediately move to the front of the line. So the sweet music could start and we could dance along. It’s a train. A psychedelic blues train that just keeps on powering through all the heavy landscapes the Swedes designed for this album. And you can take the mention of the word heavy with a grain of salt, for everything sounds more like pop then rock. This might also refer to the mention of the word blues. What? Yes, Blues Pills, are not really that bluesy anymore. And they never slow down or power up, they just keep on truckin. But I guess that’s where things go wrong. Because of the lack of variation in tempo and speed it starts to feel morose and sound uninspired. Full of energetic optimism and militant aggression towards the mythic underworld figure, the album seems to fall flat in their portrayal of never giving up. For the ten full force soulful blues tracks are definitely meant to exhilarate and whoop up the good times. But perhaps paradoxically they seem to fatigue and tire. And with such amazing artists, it’s puzzling the collective comes up with this album. Where the idea was so much better than the end result. Let’s hope for a better one next time around…

(Written by JK)

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