dinsdag 5 juli 2016

Arrecho – Maldito Tú

Arrecho – Maldito Tú
Self released – 2016
Hard Rock, Hard Rock, Hard Rock
Rated: ****

Yeah Baby, they're back!!!!! Our favorite rock powerhouse Arrecho out of Venezuela is back with a new EP titled Maldito Tú, and it is mucho killer. Why do I call Arrecho a rock powerhouse? Well for one,  I've never heard an underground band have so many anthem style songs. Their last EP simply titled Rock N Roll was littered with catchy little tidbits such as the songs Artichoke and Badao. This new release rocks and rolls as much as the former. Although they do have a nice break in the middle with the cut Frankgarden Blues; clocking in around eleven minutes, it's a nice bluesy instrumental and I believe it is recorded live in front of an audience. It rules! Actually the more I listen the more I realize they mix up the stylings a bit on their latest release. Either way Arrecho to me is the type of band I would want to see live, but unfortunately for me they are a world away. From what I understand the musical landscape here in the United States is very different from most places in the world. But I could still see Arrecho opening up for stadium acts in the States. There're just a great time, party style, kick ass, rock and roll band. Period!!! Please support our brothers out of Venezuela and visit their bandcamp where you can catch the new EP, but please check out the back catalogue as well. They do not disappoint for those of us who enjoy hard driving rock.

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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