donderdag 30 juni 2016

Shaking Godspeed – Rumspringa

Shaking Godspeed – Rumspringa
Suburban – 2016
Rock, Dutch
Rated: ***

I’m crying a little bit. In secret but unashamed. For the pain a love like this might cause is better kept to themselves. And yet, here I am. The tears are slowly rolling down my cheek and I hide myself behind a screen trying to un-hear the new album Rumspringa by the Dutch rock force I have been in love with for so long now, Shaking Godspeed. Ever since I first heard their five-track EP I knew these cats would bring that fine madness to rock out, to dance and to boogie to. Improving to a massive degree with Awe in 2010 and then again with Hoera in 2012. Welcome Back Wolf from 2014 was the boys celebrating those albums all over again. And now, there’s Rumspringa, a record that is also meant as soundtrack to a Dutch theater show called De Kring Van Welsch by theater group Orkater. Which is a bit of comfort, we can therefor hope this is a one-time thing. A one-off on the Dutch vocals for instance. And okay we understand, everything worth doing, is worth doing right. But we fear it might not be a one-off thing, cause the almost voracious and leering exclamation of singer Wout Kemkens seems to point out his definite lust for something in his native tongue. Musically it once again definitely stands tall and often wild. Perhaps it’s all a bit more grandiose and theatrical. Something which definitely takes time getting used to, I reckon. But that rough and gritty stuff, that boisterous and loud Shaking Godspeed we fell in love with seems to have vacated the premises, leaving in its place, an almost indie dressed up version of that ramshackle outfit we are now crying over. The circus seems to have left town. And we desperately wanted to go with them…

(Written by JK)

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